Charity FAQ

What will Lose-Win Situation do for our charity?

To whom do our dieters’ sponsors make their checks payable?

To your charity.

When will we receive the checks?

Monthly, after the end of the calendar month.

Can sponsors pay their donations using their credit cards?

It is very advantageous for your charity to receive the credit card donations of your dieters' sponsors, especially sponsors who choose to have their cards charged automatically upon their dieter's weigh-in. However, Lose-Win Situation is not a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Since we want all sponsor donations to qualify as being tax-deductible we do not have a merchant account. But we will be happy to process credit card donations for your charity if you create a new transaction gateway account that connects to your existing merchant account. To contact us for more information .

Is Lose-Win Situation registered with any state agency?

Lose-Win Situation is registered with the State of New Jersey's Department of Law & Public Safety/Division of Consumer Affairs as a Professional Fund Raiser, registration number PFR-9999-00, and is in full compliance with the state's bonding requirements.

How do we monitor the funds raised by our dieters and their sponsors?

Log in to your account to see a listing of your dieters and the accumulated totals of dollars pledged and dollars paid by their sponsors.

How does Lose-Win Situation make money?

By having the participating charities pay us a percentage of the funds raised.

What is the percentage Lose-Win Situation is paid?


Why does Lose-Win Situation charge so much less than other fundraising organizations?

Many fundraising organizations keep 60%-70% of all funds raised. We think that is unconscionable. We are solely dedicated to uplift the lives of needy people supported by worthy charities and to ease their suffering. The unique and efficient fundraising model developed by Lose-Win Situation enables us to charge a very minimal percentage for our services.

What must we do in return?

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