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Dieter Privacy is very important. Your actual weight is NEVER displayed or revealed to anyone, not even your sponsors. Only the number of pounds you’ve lost is revealed. Every dieter who registers with Lose-Win Situation must be comfortable with the personal information they reveal. At the bottom of this screen you will see a box of Privacy Options. Please set the options to meet your desired level of comfort.

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You may register for either the weight-loss phase or the weight-maintenance phase. If you register now for the weight-loss phase you will not specify the weight you would like to maintain at this time. Instead, you will specify the weight you would like to maintain after you hit goal weight and enter the weight-maintenance phase.
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Your name will be posted on the website. If you would prefer to be identified by an alias please choose one of the following:
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The photos you upload will be viewable by the public. Check here to hide them.
The public will be able to view your weigh-in history (which does not display your actual weight) as well as the number of pounds you need to lose to reach goal weight (if you are registering for the weight-loss phase). Check here to hide them.
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