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Ira Buckman-2002
Registered On 5/10/2002
Diet Phase Weight Maintenance Completed
Months Weight Maintained 5 out of 6
Victims of Terror Support Fund

I knew for many years that I should lose weight - for my health, my appearance and overall well-being. However, that knowledge was not enough to motivate me to start a serious diet. I knew it would be a long, hard road ahead and I lacked the inner motivation to tackle it. I needed some extra form of motivation that went beyond my own well-being. I needed Lose-Win Situationís approach to solving the "Upside/Downside Dilemma.".

Employing the "Weight-loss motivation inspired by charity" solution I enlisted around fifteen sponsors who combined to pledge to a charity that supported victims of terror a total of $63 for each pound I would lose. This knowledge motivated me, not only to start my diet, but to see it through to its successful completion.

At first I felt a bit uncomfortable, sharing my personal weight-loss info with others. But this exposure proved to be the key to my motivation. I never wavered, I never weakened in my resolve to stick to my diet and exercise program since I knew that doing so would deprive my charity of the donations of my sponsors. And come hell or high-water, there was no way I was going to let down the needy people who depended on my charity. As a result of this concrete form of motivation I lost 43 pounds in four months, inspired by the donations that totaled over $2,600.

Ira Buckman
Teaneck, NJ

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