A Message To Charities

An Innovative Fundraising Model: Weight Loss Motivation Inspired by Charity

Every charity looks for sources of additional contributions. Raising funds for worthy charities is one of the two reasons we exist! The other reason is motivating dieters to stick to their diet and exercise programs. The Lose-Win Situation fundraising innovation is the intertwining of these two goals: funds raised will motivate dieters; motivated dieters will raise funds. And we may be the only fundraising organization that doesn't reach out to donors (we reach out to dieters). Charities thus form one of the points of the Triangle of Goodwill.

How We Operate

Many fundraising organizations keep 60%-70% of all funds raised. We think that is unconscionable. We are dedicated to uplift the lives of needy people supported by worthy charities and to ease their suffering. The unique and efficient fundraising model developed by Lose-Win Situation enables us to charge a very minimal percentage for our services, never to exceed 9%.

Consider these unique aspects of the Lose-Win Situation fundraising model:

We do not cash your checks. Every month we will mail to you all the checks received from the sponsors of the dieters who have chosen to support your charity through their weight-loss or weight-maintenance. In addition, if you desire, we can immediately deposit credit card donations of the sponsors directly into your charity's merchant account. We will bill you for our services after the end of the calendar month.

For more information check our FAQs.

Your Charity's Relationship with Lose-Win Situation

We look forward to a long, productive relationship, helping you raise the vital funds that will enable you to carry on your noble work. And those donations will motivate the dieters for whom your charity has touched a place in their hearts.

We will also be happy to highlight your charity as our homepage "Featured Charity" at some point in the future.

We look forward to your joining the Lose-Win Situation family of charities.

How to Proceed

Request our Powerpoint which explains how we will raise funds for your charity.

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Call us: (615) 900-LOSE (5673)